New General Service List

the most important words for second language learners of English

Home to a wide range of free corpus-based word lists and tools for second language learners developed by Dr. Charles Browne, Dr. Brent Culligan and Joe Phillips.

6/23/14 NGSL 1.01 now up on Memrise, a really cool free flashcard program that combines spaced repetition, mnemonic learning techniques and testing tools to help you quickly master important words. Here is the link to the NGSL 1.01 list on Memrise

6/23/14 NGSL 1.01 is now up and running on Quizlet. Updated 1.01 definitions file now available for download from NGSL site. 

6/5/2014 The NGSL is added to the enormous Internet TESL Journal's Activities for ESL Students website. You can now study the NGSL as a series of quizzes which helps the students to learn the NGSL via interactive activities. A nice website and great additional resource for those studying the NGSL. 

5/18/14: Tom Cobb adds the NGSL and NAWL to one of the most useful vocabulary analysis tools of the past 20 years, Vocabprofile. Listed under the VP Compleat section of the VocabProfile pages, this NGSL/NAWL combination works in the same way as the original GSL/AWL Vocab Profile and allows you to compare coverage figures for NGSL/NAWL against the GSL/AWL as well as several other well-known lists. A HUGE thanks to Tom both for his hard work to get this up as well as to his tremendous contributions to our field both through ALL of the great online tools he's developed as well as his tireless work as a teacher, researcher and presenter!

5/10/14: Laurence Anthony adds the NGSL to his excellent (and free!) AntWordProfiler tool. AntWordProfiler allows you to quickly and easily calculate the coverage a word list provides of any given text you might have a digital filer for. We have broken up the NGSL into 3 levels to match the way most people use the original 1953 GSl, 1-1000, 1001-2000 and 2001-2818. Thank you Laurence for your hard work and support of our field!


5/3/14: Paule Raine has recently released a cool new game to teach NGSL words to Japanese learners of English called WordNinja. The game is free and has definitions in Japanese and asks you to match the definition to the correct NGSL word, rewarding learners with colorful gems as they master more words. Link to the game is here.

5/2/14: Tim Stoeckel and Phil Bennett at Miyazaki International College have just released a very carefully developed diagnostic test of written receptive knowledge of the New General Service List (NGSL). It is comprised of 100 items, 20 for each of five approximately 560-word bands of the NGSL. The test shows very high reliability (over .90), and was designed to help place students in approximately the right frequency band for study of NGSL words via our word stacks or our upcoming NGSL iPhone app. The test, answer sheet and explanation can be downloaded directly from this site here. Thanks so much Tim and Phil - very useful!


8/30/13: NGSL added to the free OGTE (Online Graded Text Editor) tool, allowing you to simplify and analyze texts in comparison to the NGSL. Use pulldown menu to select NGSL (original GSL/AWL as well as the ERF Scale can also be selected. Tool can be found here.

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10/13/13 Levels 1 and 2 of In Focus, a new textbook series that focusing on the systematic teaching of the NGSL is published with Cambridge University Press. The series used both in-text as well as online and mobile tools to helps students master all words in the NGSL. Link is here.

Dr. Charles Browne picking up the first copies of In Focus at the Cambridge booth at the KoTESOL Conference.

Dr. Charles Browne picking up the first copies of In Focus at the Cambridge booth at the KoTESOL Conference.

September 2013, Jeffrey Hanks uploads the NGSL to the free Quizlet flashcard website in 50 word blocks so that teachers and learners can study words in small, useable frequency bands at exactly their level. Thanks Jeff! 

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