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the most important words for second language learners of English

Home to a wide range of free corpus-based word lists and tools for second language learners developed by Dr. Charles Browne, Dr. Brent Culligan and Joe Phillips.

Dr. Charles Browne and Dr. Rob Waring have created a number of free apps to help learners to master all NGSL and NAWL words via a simple spaced-repetition flashcard system. Apps are available in dedicated English and Japanese versions as well as a new multi-lingual version which also adds Thai (more languages to be added soon). You can find out more via the links below:

NGSL apps:

NGSL Builder (English version)

NGSL Builder (Japanese Version)

NGSL Builder (MultiLingual Version)


NAWL Builder (English version)

NAWL Builder (Japanese version)

NAWL Builder (MultiLingual Version)