New General Service List

the most important words for second language learners of English

Home to a wide range of free corpus-based word lists and tools for second language learners developed by Dr. Charles Browne, Dr. Brent Culligan and Joe Phillips.

Quizlet is a free, very well-designed vocabulary flashcard website that allows teachers to created and uploads wordlists of their choice and learners to study these words via a wide range of word learning flashcards, games and tests. Thanks to the hard work of Jeffrey Hanks , Joseph Phillips, Paul Raines and others, you can now practice and learn all of the NGSL and NAWL words via this website.

A special thanks to Paul Raines who worked so hard to offer the NGSL, NAWL and TSL on Quizlet  in so many different languages (16!). NGSL and NAWL sets appear on this page. For the TSL sets, please use the pulldown to the left or click here.

A search of Quizlet will reveal literally dozens of versions of our NGSL and NAWL lists on the site, but here are the most popular formats. Enjoy!

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New General Service List Flashcards(NGSL):

- learn the NGSL in 50 word blocks here

- learn the NGSL in 100 word blocks here

- learn the NGSL in 560 word blocks here (this matches the 5 levels of the NGSL Test making it easier to assign students to study words at the right level)

- multi-lingual versions of the NGSL from Paul Raines appear below:

NGSL English-Arabic
NGSL English-Chinese
NGSL English-German
NGSL English-Greek
NGSL English-English
NGSL English-French
NGSL English-Italian
NGSL English-Japanese
NGSL English-Korean
NGSL English-Dutch
NGSL English-Portuguese
NGSL English-Russian
NGSL English-Spanish
NGSL English-Swedish
NGSL English-Thai
NGSL English-Turkish

New Academic Word List Flashcards (NAWL):

- learn the NAWL in 50 word blocks here

- learn the NAWL in 480 word blocks here (matches the 2 levels of the NAWL Test making it easier to assign students to study words at the right level)

- multi-lingual versions of the NAWL from Paul Raines appear below:

NAWL English-Arabic
NAWL English-Chinese
NAWL English-German
NAWL English-Greek
NAWL English-English
NAWL English-French
NAWL English-Italian
NAWL English-Japanese
NAWL English-Korean
NAWL English-Dutch
NAWL English-Portuguese
NAWL English-Russian
NAWL English-Spanish
NAWL English-Swedish
NAWL English-Thai
NAWL English-Turkish