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New General Service List Test (NGSLT)

Tim Stoekel and Phil Bennet at Miyazaki International College have just released a very carefully developed diagnostic test of written receptive knowledge of the New General Service List (NGSL). It is known as the New General Service Lists Test NGSLT and is comprised of 100 items, 20 for each of five approximately 560-word bands of the NGSL. The test shows very high reliability (over .90), and was designed to help place students in approximately the right frequency band for study of NGSL words via our word stacks or our upcoming NGSL iPhone app. The test, answer sheet and explanation can be downloaded directly from this page via the links below.

Thanks so much Tim and Phil - very useful!


NGSLT Description

NGSLT Score Sheet

NGSLT Answer Sheet

NEW! NGSLT v2. (broken into 3 levels to match levels on Vocab Profile program)