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THE Business SERVICE LIST 1.01

On this page we will put various resources related to the new Business Service List (Browne, C. & Culligan, B., 2016), also known as the BSL 1.01. It is based on an approximately 64 million word corpus of business texts, newspapers, journals and websites, with a breakdown as follows:

The 1700 words of the BSL 1.01 version gives up to 97% coverage of general business English materials when combined with the 2800 words of the NGSL.

As with our NGSL, NAWL and TSL word lists, we will be working hard to create and support the creation of a wide range of free tools for students, teachers, researchers and materials developers to better utilise the BSL. The Business Service List and definitions are made available to you under the least restrictive Creative Commons license, meaning you are free to use or modify the list in any way you see fit as long as you give proper citation to the authors of the list.

If you create a useful online tool with the BSL please let us know so we can post a link and help spread the word.


Downloadables for BSL 1.01 word list:

  1. Alphabetized with brief explanation of corpus
  2.   Alphabetized and lemmatized for teaching purposes
  3.  Alphabetized and lemmatized for corpora analyses
  4.  SFI, frequencies, frequency bands, and lemmas sorted by frequency
  5. With definitions in easy English (coming soon!)

Links for BSL 1.01 word list:

  1. Memrise - flashcards with English/Japanese definitions (coming soon!)
  2.  Quizlet - flashcards with English/Japanese definitions (coming soon!)
  3.  VocabProfile text analysis tool (NGSL+BSL - choose button in upper right corner)
  4.  NGSL/BSL file for use with AntwordProfiler
  5.  OGTE text analysis tool (NGSL+BSL - choose from wordlist pulldown on left)


July 23, 2016:

1.01 version released to reflect two minor updates: the words "found" and "email" were deleted from the BSL list as they overlap with words that occur in the NGSL.


Business Service List by Browne, C. and Culligan, B. is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
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