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At least 7 NGSL-related presentations at the Vocab@Tokyo Conference

Very happy to see that in addition to being of use to thousands of students and teachers around the world, the NGSL is also receiving growing attention from corpus linguists and vocabulary researchers. A quick scan of abstracts for next month's Vocab@Tokyo Conference shows that there will be at least 7 presentations where the NGSL is a major part of the research presented.

Hope to see you there!

1)  The NGSL, NAWL, TSL, and BSL Word Lists: Corpus-based Word Lists and Tools for Success (Browne)

2) Does the NGSL Provide Good Coverage for Authentic Listening Materials Such as TV Shows and Movies? A Quick Look at Star Wars and Friends (Browne, Miyata and Kawauchi)

3) Classroom Fluency Activity for Vocabulary Development (Ewert)

4) From Corpora to Word Lists: Issues and Limitations (Culligan)

5) Revisiting the Word Family: What is an Appropriate Lexical Unit for Japanese EFL Learners? (Nation, McLean, Pinchbeckk, Brown and Kramer)

6) Towards Appropriate L1 and L2 Scales of English Vocabulary in English Dominant Contexts: Vocabulary Test Item Difficulty Indicates Lexical Sophistication Scale and Definition of “Word” (Pinchbeck)

7) Teaching Form and Usage of Discipline-Specific Vocabulary in an EAP Program (Toriida)