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Our New Business Service List (BSL) Launched!

The Business Service List 1.0, also known as the BSL (Browne, C. & Culligan, B., 2016) is a list of approximately 1700 words that occur with very high frequency within the domain of general business English. Based on an approximately 64 million word corpus of business texts, newspapers, journals and websites, the BSL 1.0 version gives approximately 97% coverage of general business English materials when learned in combination with the 2800 words of core general English in the New General Service List or NGSL (Browne, C., Culligan, B., and Phillips, J. 2013). It is made available to everyone under one of the most open Creative Commons Licences available, meaning you are free to use, modify or even sell the list as long as we are properly cited. Free downloads of the list and various online tools are available from: