New General Service List

the most important words for second language learners of English

Home to a wide range of free corpus-based word lists and tools for second language learners developed by Dr. Charles Browne, Dr. Brent Culligan and Joe Phillips.

Multilingual, part-of-speech categorized, difficulty-sorted Quizlet flashcards for NGSL, NAWL and TSL word lists

Does Paul Raine ever sleep? Seems almost every day I open my computer he’s created yet another set of useful online tools for students and teachers, but even by his own standards this latest release is astonishing – he’s just added to the free flashcard website studiable versions of our NGSL (New General Service List), NAWL (New Academic Word List) and TSL (TOEIC Service Lists) in, wait for it….. SIXTEEN different languages!

Each word list is arranged in 20 word blocks organized by part of speech and then by frequency. A link to his word sets (as well as NGSL/NAWL and TSL Quizlet sets made by others) can be found via the pulldown menu to the left or via the following links: 

NGSL and NAWL word sets             

TSL word sets                                     

Great work Paul – THANKS!