New General Service List

the most important words for second language learners of English

Home to a wide range of free corpus-based word lists and tools for second language learners developed by Dr. Charles Browne, Dr. Brent Culligan and Joe Phillips.

Charlie Browne, Brent Culligan and Joseph Phillips spent more than 4 years (from 2009-2013) working with the 2 billion word Cambridge English Corpus in an effort to create the New General Service List (NGSL) of core vocabulary for second language learners and the New Academic Word List (NAWL) of special purpose academic vocabulary.  Charlie and Brent spent an additional 2 years of work (from 2014-16) working to create the TOEIC Service List (TSL) and Business Service Lists (BSL). Below the picture is a bit about them:

Celebrating the publication of the NGSL and NAWL wordlists back in 2013...

Charles Browne

Dr.  Browne is Professor of Applied Linguistics & TESOL and Head of the EFL Teacher Training Program at Meiji Gakuin University's English Department, a top-ranked private university in Tokyo, Japan. He is a well known expert in online language learning, especially as it applies to second language vocabulary acquisition and reading skills development,  and publishes widely on the topics of English education in Japan, 2nd language vocabulary acquisition and online learning. He has worked hard to develop many free websites and tools for learners and teachers including, which is devoted to extensive reading and listening, OGTE (Online Graded Text Editor), which helps create graded reading materials, and many free corpus-based wordlists & associated learning tools such as the NGSL, NAWLTSL and BSL. He is president of Charlie Browne Company which advises many online learning companies such as iShine Professional College, EnglishCentral,  Cooori, Slang, SecretBuilders and GoFluent and is also the co-developer and patent-holder of the vocabulary testing and learning software developed for Word Engine.

Brent Culligan

Dr. Culligan, English Instructor at Aoyama Gakuin Women's Junior College, consistently ranked as the top Women's College in Japan, has more than 20 years university teaching experience in Asia, is a corpus linguist and testing expert, has published an updated version of the GSL, and is assessment-based curriculum developer for award-winning university English language program 

Joseph Phillips

Joseph Phillips is Professor and Director of the ELT Program for Aoyama Gakuin Women' Junior College, consistently ranked as the top Women's College in Japan, has more than 20 years university teaching experience in Japan, is an author of TOEIC textbooks, and has designed and directed Aoyama Gakuin Women's Junior College's award-winning university English language program .